Four Key Leadership Priorities for a Sales Manager
Need to set priorities as a sales manager (or for a sales manager)? Their main goal is always to drive new revenue – period. But how do you break that down into action items? It can be difficult to pinpoint, because so many things need attention. Here is a list of four key areas to create traction with the sales team:
  1. Drive Strategy. Understand your company’s mission, expectations and goals inside out. Communicate the strategic context to the sales reps repeatedly, making sure they understand it — and buy in. If they are sharing the right message with the outside world, they will attract the right customers.
  2. Coach and Polish Edges. The secret to cultivating a powerhouse sales rep often lies in making minor adjustments rather than sweeping changes in technique and attitude. Working closely with reps on the front lines and behind the scenes enables you to polish them into gems. The little things can make a big difference between using you or a competitor.
  3. Set Goals and Accountability Plan. Make goals personal and give them clarity by using vision boards. Be sure to tie metrics — dials, appointments, etc. — to dollars. People, and sales people in particular, are likely to do what you pay them to do.
  4. Always Be Recruiting. Maintain an active pipeline of talented sales people who are passively looking for new opportunities. When the time comes to fill a slot, you will have a stable of people with whom you already have a rapport. This will minimize downtime and allow you to get a revenue-producing rep in quickly when the need arises.
Consistency in the above will lead to consistency in new revenue. Interested in learning more about setting priorities for sales managers or your entire sales organization?

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