How to Create a Steady Funnel of Leads
Nothing gives a sales manager more peace of mind than a steady funnel of leads — it’s those ups and downs that fray the nerves and set the stage for erratic sales in the months ahead. Here are four key ways to ensure a consistent flow of prospects:
  1. Assign specialized roles. Have a designated group — outsourced or in-house — focused only on setting meetings for your pure closers. (Sales University Group can help, of course!) If appointment setting isn’t someone’s top priority, it will be everyone’s last priority.
  2. Do consistent drip marketing. Most of the buying journey is done online now — 57% as a matter of fact. Position yourself as a thought leader in your space by creating valuable content, and people will find you. Be careful not to do too much selling: What attracts prospects is giving them valuable information that helps them improve their organization and inform their buying process.
  3. Make prospecting an event. If you can’t have specialized roles, have structured days in the office where the sales team is together, prospecting on the phone. People can learn from one another, and management can use the collective time for training, development and teambuilding.
  4. Gamify! When it comes to appointment setting and team prospecting events, add a fun factor by making a game out of it, complete with scorecards and giveaways. Taking the stress away will make your prospectors all the more effective.
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